~ Crazy Cock Single Malt Whisky offers two luxury expressiions which are Rare, aged in Double Oak casks, and Dhua, known as the Peated expression ~

~Initially the brand will be available in Mumbai, Goa and Haryana with plans for further expansion in the months to follow.

South Seas Distilleries and Breweries Private Limited, a legacy Alcobev company, launched ‘Crazy Cock’ – their first direct to consumer/retail single malt whisky brand. An ode to the mythical rooster sporting a monocle, the name symbolizes a new era for home grown whiskies, celebrating the Indian subcontinent, and distilling its best flavors for whisky enthusiasts across the globe.

Introducing its exclusive brand, the company takes its established legacy of perfecting and reimagining the craft of single malt whiskies to new heights. Crazy Cock stands out as an exceptional single malt whisky crafted from 6-row Indian barley, carefully selected from the pristine plains of North India. The barley undergoes malting and distillation using the traditional method in copper pots, resulting in a luxurious blend of delicate notes and a harmonious mix of subtle aromas. The whisky is matured in ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks, for a full-bodied, complex flavor. Specially smoked batches add a rich, peaty dimension reserved for Crazy Cock Dhua. Meticulously chosen by the master blender, each eclectic single malt ensures perfection in small batches, with natural color and non-chill filtration —a genuine and unadulterated drinking experience for enthusiasts.

Crazy Cock Single malt whisky will be available in two expressions:

Rare – Aged in Double Oak

A full-bodied rare and exquisite single malt whisky that has been matured to perfection in two imported oak casks: bourbon casks and sherry casks. This exceptional whisky skillfully hits the sweet spot, achieving a seamless fusion of the two casks, resulting in enhanced viscosity that promises a truly indulgent experience.

The deep amber color sets the stage for a bold and captivating nose, featuring floral notes intertwined with honey, pears, chocolate, raisin, cinnamon, spices, vanilla, and oak. On the palate, robust and warm spicy notes harmonize with a bouquet of summer fruits, raisins, and a smooth texture. The finish lingers, inviting a celebration of this extraordinary creation.

Dhua – The Peated One
Dhua, meaning smoke, is a rich full bodied, mildly peated, rare and exquisite single malt aged in imported bourbon and rare sherry casks, skillfully crafted by our master blender using peated malts of great age and mellowness, into a perfectly balanced whisky.

The whisky has a deep antique gold color liquid and blends gentle peat and smoke along with warm notes of raisin, dark chocolate, spicy cinnamon, vanilla and mandarin on the nose. The palate delights in smoke-laced spice, raisins, and a touch of cinnamon, with top notes of balanced sweetness, culminating in a warm and lingering finish—a true masterpiece.

“In the dynamic landscape of global spirits, Indian whiskies are currently enjoying a spotlight. Our esteemed clientele includes some of the world’s leading alcohol beverage giants, a testament to our longstanding partnerships. Shifting from corporate engagements to catering to individual connoisseurs of luxury, our distillery has been honing the art of distillation for over three generations. This initiative is a celebration of our enduring craftsmanship, as we joyfully continue our legacy by crafting a new array of exceptional whiskies under the banner of Crazy Cock.” Said Mr. H.V. Chinoy.

Embracing a philosophy of standing out rather than fitting in, the persona behind Crazy Cock declares a commitment to challenging the status quo and embodying a soft rebellion amidst a world of rigid conformists. Born to question, probe, and reinvent, this distinctive identity rejects the norms of conformity. Describing themselves as a different kind of crazy, Crazy Cock represents an unapologetic departure from convention, inviting individuals to embrace uniqueness and redefine their own narrative.

Crazy Cock is now poised to delight the evolved palates in India & across the world. Crazy Cock is set to make a distinctive mark in the realm of luxury. Initially, the brand will be available in Mumbai, Goa and Haryana with plans for further expansion in the months to follow.