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How much money will be enough for one week tour to Mumbai for one person?

 How much money will be enough for one week tour to Mumbai for one person? All depends upon your budget -: If you book  reasonable economical hotel room will cost you around 2000–3000 per day plus your food charges extra. Might be 300 to 700 rupees per day meal. And also Few guest house may cost less then 1000 rupees for example s if you take dormitories it will cost you just 500 /- rupees only. And extra food chargers will be 120 rupees per plate. Total 240 rupees per day meal here I am not talking about  alcohol and other sports activities enjoyments spots. Because it's for less budget traveler costs. Now let's talk about high budget traveler -:  Mumbai known for bollywood and high living lifestyle expenses. So it's gonna be fun for those who have High budgets for visiting to Mumbai because Mumbai sweet hotels are very much designed cleaned and Haven feeling experiences and if you book a hotel near sea sides then it s gonna be memorable journey of your life. Clubs bars re

Mumbai lockdown

         Mumbai lockdown experience s 

I m here to tell you about my experience s in this lockdown virus period. It was really very much difficult as it looks like in tv all around in world. I belongs to gud family and even independent person in my life.
Story is All About 3 months lockdown in Mumbai.
March 18 2020,  it's all started . First trail lockdown from government To checkout viruses situation and number of covid positive cases in india. It's just  started hustle for everyone.
nobody knew abt upcoming days how hard it gonna be .
We saw news 22 March 2020 All India  lockdown for 1 month .
It was beginning for unemployment
Hustle for poor people's.
I don't know about others state s n city's. how hard it would be, but I can share about Mumbai situation s
Here First week of lockdown period.
I was prefer myself to stay at home all week due to high danger zone outside.
But at the end of the week I have to go out to get grocery for home. I still remember that goosebumps in my hand. my sticky eyes,
When I saw outside of grocery shop. Alot of poor people s begging for food. Might be 35 year old lady just stopped me n beg a pack of milk for his son . It was really very worsed feeling s,
I helped her but still there are 60 to 100 of people's around in that area who doesn't have food since 3 days.
I really wanted to help but I couldn't able enough to help.
Cases get high months gone away
Still been 2 month of lockdown
Everyone feels unsafe insecure
Some are commited suicides. Career insecurities. Life risk, I got to know abt one of my friend cousin brother commited suicide. And the reason was family responsibility s in which he were not able to fullfil needs. He get into depression and high anxiety, it was just one of case in India Mumbai. Here Same as like there is thousands of cases in the world. 

Here some news and info update s

the Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has indicated abt
the lockdown restrictions in the state with regards for traveling and public transport gonna be remain in place even after September.
the state cabinet meeting or will consider relaxing the e-pass rules, increasing the frequency of local trains and public transportations,
For the last 3 months, the Government of Maharashtra has been giving many concessions to the citizens of the state under"Mission Begin Again" by relaxing certain lockdown norms.


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