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  History of Andheri, Mumbai The oldest settlements in and around Andheri were those of the East Indians, the natives whose villages survive in Marol,  Amboli Chakala, Gundowli, Saki, etc. Another concentration of the native East Indians was located on the former Island of Versova, also known as Vasave. In the early history. Since 1734 Mumbai and its nearby area was under the control of Portuguese. Mumbai called as Island . It was gifted to the Queen of England in the year 1760. The Vashi creek is situated in North side also Mahim Causeway is lying on the South side. On the western side, there is Arabian sea and  eastern side, boundary of Thane District is  administrative unit forms the limits of Bombay suburban District known as Salesette and it aslo a part of Goa which was under the control of Portuguese upto 1771 the Britishers took over control of the region of this area.  Since 1871 Thane district was carved out of the east side of Konkan and Portion of Bombay Island  then known a

Mumbai lockdown

          Mumbai lockdown experience s  I m here to tell you about my experience s in this lockdown virus period. It was really very much difficult as it looks like in tv all around in world. I belongs to gud family and even independent person in my life. Story is All About 3 months lockdown in Mumbai. March 18 2020 ,  it's all started . First trail lockdown from government To checkout viruses situation and number of covid positive cases in india. It's just  started hustle for everyone. nobody knew abt upcoming days how hard it gonna be . We saw news 22 March 2020 All India  lockdown for 1 month . It was beginning for unemployment Hustle for poor people's. I don't know about others state s n city's. how hard it would be, but I can share about Mumbai situation s Here First week of lockdown period. I was prefer myself to stay at home all week due to high danger zone outside. But at the end of the week I have to go out to get grocery for home. I still rememb

Top Universities in Mumbai

                     Universities in Mumbai 1) University of Mumbai -:  University of Mumbai started in 1857. Carrying more than 150 years of history with it,  the University of Mumbai offers various programs at undergraduate, postgraduate and research level types range of subjects under ,humanities, commerce, sciences engineering, medicine, law etc  University of Mumbai has 8 faculties and 1 school under in which various teaching department functions like -: Faculty of Arts Faculty of Commerce Faculty of Technology Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Dentistry Faculty of Fine Arts Faculty of Law Faculty of Science university has two campuses acquiring 230 acres and 13 acres of land areas and 36 departments under different faculties. University of Mumbai has 2 postgraduate centers, And 354 affiliated colleges,  The University of Mumbai has established excellent ties with various industry houses and it offers different professional courses, 2)Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) -: 

United States tourist Experience in Mumbai

United States tourist experience in Mumbai Here The story starts with cup of coffee in nearby Mumbai international airport cafe. I was in a cafe with couple of friends having coffee and some snacks. In tat cafe I saw a guy name called Robert luis .   I observed something trouble in was facing and he seems  little confused. Also not well somehow.  I was in a mood to asked what happens with him and then finally I decided to approached him to know about his problems. He was lil not well at the same time when I get close to talk to him.  I said to Mr Robert Luis Hey how you doing  He answered  I m doing gud thanks  For awhile I asked him  Is there anything in which I can help you out because I lives in Mumbai since very long so maybe I can help you out just tell me, firstly he get lil hesitate  to seek help from me then suddenly he said I was in a big problem.  My passport is not with me I forgotten to put passport in my beg. in The same hotel room where  I was staying last one days before

Religious places in Mumbai

  Religious places in mumbai 1) ISKCON Temple -: ISKCON is very spiritual place. It's home of HareKrishna movement which was founded in 1978 in Mumbai by the Acharya Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. It's very famous all around the world people's come to visit the temple to find inner peace and find a spiritual calling that will take them to different life another world. In ISKCON temple compound also has  a guest house, libraries and a restaurant. The restaurant also provides free meal for the poverty people on weekends.  Location: Hare Krishna Land, Juhu, Mumbai Timing: 4.30 am to 1 pm and 4.30 pm to 9 pm 2) Siddhivinayak temple :-  Siddhivinayak temple Built in 1801 for lord Ganesha, One of richest temple in Mumbai here you can see very big famous personality s  like politicians actors sports men coming to worship lord Ganesha, The main chamber of lord Ganesha has a gold plated ceiling and the idol itself is carved out of one black stone.  In Siddhivinayak temple performed

Mumbai Heavy rainfall ground report

  Heavy rainfall in Mumbai ground report  Heavy rainfall is the main problem s  to poor local people's in Mumbai  who lives in road side areas and slams.   Mumbai rainy ground report  -:  Mumbai is a financial capital of India. And  it has already received 3,000 mm of rainfall this year 2020. Mumbai is situated on the windward slope of the Western Ghats and so it receives more rainfall and any other city of india. Generally cloudy sky with light to moderate rain is forecast for Mumbai and the neighbouring region. The intense rainfall activity over the coastal Maharashtra and it  led to repeated spells of urban waterlogging and traffic snarls. In July 2020 month it ended with record rainfall for Mumbai, as Santacruz weather station registered the highest ever been  July rainfall on record at a whopping 1,503 mm. In July 2020 broke the previous all-time high of 1,468 mm records in July 2013. Recently in Mumbai city station Colaba has also recorded 1,127 mm rainfall recently on August

About bombay Stock Exchange

  About bombay stock exchange  BSE - full form of (BSE) = the Bombay Stock Exchange.BSE is the oldest stock exchange of Asia. And Also it became the first stock exchange of the world which introduced an internet trading system at a centralized level Since 1995, the Bombay stock exchange switched to the electronic trading system known as BOLT "BSE On-Line Trading".  BOLT-Bombay Online trading platform is used by this stock exchange for efficient trading BSE stock exchange was founded by Premchand Roychand in 1875 and is currently managed by Sethurathnam Ravi, as an chairman  Financial transactions in BSE are done online through an electronic trading system and online marketing. investors making large transactions in the BSE stock market, Trading in the BSE share market has to be done through a brokerage agency Market orders can be directly placed in BSE online. However, direct investment access is given to certain preferential Here how you can buy shares in BSE just add scrip

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Diwali celebration in Mumbai

         Diwali celebration in Mumbai  In Mumbai Diwali celebration for youth is like a  western party s  going clubbing house partys Resorts dj nights group pool functions. Celebration of light diwali which is also known as Deepawali is the most famous festival in india also a especially in Mumbai people use to celebrate Diwali as an New Year a new journey of life.  they think when Diwali comes up a new start comes up in life. All of positive thought s  but mostly all of hustling people in Mumbai professionals are also thinks the same. Diwali is a light off festival every Indians enjoy it very joyfully and happily people light up their houses and shops. Crackers is the most common thing which all of India spend money in that alot like In Mumbai people also spend money in crackers alot. but there are bunch of people who are totally against using crackers because of population. They  takecare of things which thinks  not go worst because of lil more enjoyment in festival but they

Top six most loved Mumbai food

     Top 6  most loved Mumbai foods  1) Batata   vada   -: Mumbaikars can't live without the batata vada bite. Its  made by mashing boiled potatoes with green chilies, ginger, garlic, lime juice, turmeric, and fresh coriander,It's served either with a green chutney or fried green chillies in mumbai every Street food centers have an outstanding batata vada . 2) Kanda poha -: This simple, easy-to-make snack is made with kanda and poha mixed with chopped potatoes and green chillies, kanda poha is also very much famous in maharastran familys 3) vada pav -:  Every Mumbaiker's favorite daily eating   snacks The recipe is very hard to duplicate because each stall owner has his own secret ingredient, uses a combination of boiled potatoes mashed with fresh coriander, green chillies, made into palm-sized balls, dipped in a chickpea-flour batter and deep fried till golden. They are stuffed into a pao smeared with a layer of  fiery red garlic will be Tastes best when eaten ho

A daily life in Mumbai

                  A daily Life in Mumbai  Dreams city - The mumbai is know as fastest city in india , also its most populous city . People around the world come this city to fullfil  there dreams and Desires, City of night, A city of light, which never sleep, Aslo a city of hard workers , Mumbai is a india s capital of finance. it's offers a varieties of job from conventional industries like IT. Mumbai is also know As bollywood hub ...its a home film industry, Cost of living lifestyle in mumbai is very expensive compare to others all indian cities. The mumbai is  most expensive in living lifestyle in india, Middle class living lifestyle -: lets talk about A normal corporate going person life, into salary jobs in a company it could be or couldn't be very hard in serviving in Mumbai because of less salary n high expenses . But also depends on the package and the position of a person holds in a company, and about  other local middle class family lifestyle is having there