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Loveble South Indian Restaurants in Mumbai

Loveble South Indian Restaurants in Mumbai

1) Simbly South -:

This place is knowned as best south breakfast place and foods you will enjoy a plate of gunpowder idli dose, and filter coffee and you get it here. Simbly South,

Address: 1, Rosewood Park Society, Sher-e-Punjab Andheri East
Cost Approx for one -: ₹300 Ruppes

2) South Of Vindhyas -:

In south of vindhyas - the orchid hotel, you will get nice satisfied restaurant experience here you will get to hear music and with Awesome South foods . If you are kind of spicy food eating person then its Awesome place to be , you will fully enjoy the waybof serve one delicious preparation after another the people choise restaurant,

Address -: The Orchid Hotel, 70C, Nehru Road, Vile Parle East
Cost Approx for one :- ₹2000 Rupees

3) Vanakkam Cafe  :-

Vanakkam cafe is special know as south Indian cuisine, here most loveble dishes are masala dose, Benne dosa, idli medu vada, and upma. You can also get launch menu overther get you alot of dishes varie…

Mumbai police work lifestyle

Mumbai police -:

here peoples used to say very proudly  that maharastra police is the best police in the world because there is a reason behind that mumbai police are very loyal towords there national service they never cheat anyone at any circumstances . If you go an offer a money to any mumbai police to forgive a crime of any random person to test there loyalty . You ll get to know what gonna happen after that. They  will also put you to with him in a jail for giving bribe to police . In case  if you report any crime which is  even a small ones but the situation is very serious then police will take strick action toward s them immediately. .mumbai  police are very fast n capable to deal with any problems . Even mumbai traffic police also very good to understand people problem s patiently if you don't have driving license Rc or puc with you then no worries if you were a right person like  if a person is very innocent and not have much money to give the charges to police then he will  let you go away giving warning that this is not gonna happen  again. But second thought traffic police is also very strict terms of rules n regulations . Most of all have to pay charges if they caught by traffic police .

Mumbai night life police protection -: 

 night time is a very safe n secure to go anywhere in mumbai .  one of the most safetest metro city in india  terms of night life. You can go for a walk or biking or clubbing late night n also you can do your part time buisness like night shops . N also You will get to see every 5 to 10 mins nearby you  police cars in every roads of mumbai . If they found you somethink not legal then only police  will stop you n ask your identity proof n your staying location . If it is valid then you will be free to go . they say thanks to you  n let you go away where ever you want to go . I want to share some of my personal experience to you guys like if you were  going to mumbai for tour  n get into trouble which is anything related to police.
Then just  be polite and humble with them and you will be free if they found you innocent but if you talk aggressively with them. Then Police will not let you go easily because they also teach how to talk with elders and how to behave like a gentleman. so this is what Mumbai Police and their lifestyle of work


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