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Loveble South Indian Restaurants in Mumbai

Loveble South Indian Restaurants in Mumbai

1) Simbly South -:

This place is knowned as best south breakfast place and foods you will enjoy a plate of gunpowder idli dose, and filter coffee and you get it here. Simbly South,

Address: 1, Rosewood Park Society, Sher-e-Punjab Andheri East
Cost Approx for one -: ₹300 Ruppes

2) South Of Vindhyas -:

In south of vindhyas - the orchid hotel, you will get nice satisfied restaurant experience here you will get to hear music and with Awesome South foods . If you are kind of spicy food eating person then its Awesome place to be , you will fully enjoy the waybof serve one delicious preparation after another the people choise restaurant,

Address -: The Orchid Hotel, 70C, Nehru Road, Vile Parle East
Cost Approx for one :- ₹2000 Rupees

3) Vanakkam Cafe  :-

Vanakkam cafe is special know as south Indian cuisine, here most loveble dishes are masala dose, Benne dosa, idli medu vada, and upma. You can also get launch menu overther get you alot of dishes varie…

Lifestyles of slum people in mumbai

          Slum people lifestyle in mumbai

In mumbai slum is mainly the area where poor citizen s of india lives it's a  highly populated urban residential area consisting  mostly of closely packed. Overcrowded homes no Access basic service water electricity toilet transportation. Peoples mostly face problem in slums are population corruption crime juvenile unemployment Drugs addiction  Alcoholism and begging. Its nearly 5.2 million s peoples lives in slum n numbers is still increasing . Nearly one million peoples live in dharvi it's a largest slum in mumbai as well  as  in Asia where the sulm dog millionaire shot .
Slum people life is very hard because of their financial problems because of their living lifestyle is poor tats why peoples use to dont talk to them nicely nowdays peoples use to judge a person by there clothes and family background . Mainly sulm people are very hardworking in works they use to work hard to live good lifestyle but some of are very bad at their life n because of them over society is not getting developed fastly I am talking about thous slum people who is into drugs Alcoholism begging instante of working they find short cut to live there life n because of this short cuts in future there children's have to suffer.

Slum children s -:  it's very difficult to describe sulm child they comes from economical housing and their parents don't look after them in a way that I think they should look after them anyhow they use work in small ages they don't go schools n live every hard lifestyle.

Slum houses -:   slum houses do not have individual toilets and taps. Residents have to pay to use community toilets which are rarely maintained and buy overpriced water from vendors it's and 58 percent have no electricity. Many slum houses do not have proper doors. Over populated areas 
people die because of infections and pollution.


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