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Loveble South Indian Restaurants in Mumbai

Loveble South Indian Restaurants in Mumbai

1) Simbly South -:

This place is knowned as best south breakfast place and foods you will enjoy a plate of gunpowder idli dose, and filter coffee and you get it here. Simbly South,

Address: 1, Rosewood Park Society, Sher-e-Punjab Andheri East
Cost Approx for one -: ₹300 Ruppes

2) South Of Vindhyas -:

In south of vindhyas - the orchid hotel, you will get nice satisfied restaurant experience here you will get to hear music and with Awesome South foods . If you are kind of spicy food eating person then its Awesome place to be , you will fully enjoy the waybof serve one delicious preparation after another the people choise restaurant,

Address -: The Orchid Hotel, 70C, Nehru Road, Vile Parle East
Cost Approx for one :- ₹2000 Rupees

3) Vanakkam Cafe  :-

Vanakkam cafe is special know as south Indian cuisine, here most loveble dishes are masala dose, Benne dosa, idli medu vada, and upma. You can also get launch menu overther get you alot of dishes varie…

Lifestyle of struggling Actor s in mumbai

     Lifestyle of struggling Actors in Mumbai

 Financial problem -  so this is my personal experience about acting buisness I was been thru this journey since when  I was 16th year old  to till now . it's been big hustle  n new challenges which I had to face always I do have to face everyday to overcome problems . N about problems which I had mentioned here to overcome is all related to financial . So guys -
  1. There is two type of struggling Actors here  in mumbai one who is very rich n having no problem related to finance n the second one who is belong to middle class family who have big dreams to be an actor but didn't have  much money to servive as long as need too  in mumbai. Let's talk about the person who face financial issues and the peoples like them I connect more of because even  I do face alot alot in my acting career  .. u know the most common problem you face in Mumbai servive life is the  terms of  money matters  it's like your room rent will be cost you alot . if you lives as an painguest in mumbai it will cost you approx 6 to 7 thousand room rent in a  month this painguest rent depents upon area n building because you can also get painguest rooms in 4 thousand Rupees but in mumbai painguest means not like a family house were you get to live with a family it's like shareing rooms kind off like in one room you have to share 4 peoples sometimes it would be 7 peoples in a one room single toilet .
Travelling  problem s - this is the second most common problem after most expensive living rent in mumbai comes up is traveling in mumbai it will cost alot alot for Actors because they have to go for auditions everyday n that is  not all auditions you will get near by each other's it will be far far away from one place to another if you going to use auto it will cost you approx 400 to 600 rs in a day if you go with bus it will affordable but actor won't make it in bus because they have to go auditions in time n also they have to visit other placeses too so if they go in bus they might be attain 2 audition in a day but if they use auto they will be able to make it more then 4 to 6 audition s in a day  .so when it comes to room rent traveling cost n food + self body maintaining going to be cost alot.. for common middle class person they have to do part time jobs to fulfill all of this needs sometime situation go very worse but best think is when you love what you do then nothing is impossible in this world . all thous actor s who suffer alot never give up n shine in there life . I want to give them a big salute from my side

  1. Facing rejection s n depression -  wanna be actor then get ready for thousand s of rejection s guys because you have to be useded of this. peoples go mad when they got continue rejection from audition s . Guys it's a normal thing you have to give time in it .  success never gonna happen in over night it will take time always remember whatever you hardwork now you will get back soon or later  it ll be rewarded you back now the main problem about  struggling Actors get into depression is this because of alot of rejection they got from auditions sometimes think go very wrong n bad  like actors going to be in the situation of sucide taking drugs drinking alcohol having box of cigarettes ect.. plz dont do it ok it's better to try again n again either wasting time by hurting yourself . Some of Struggling Actors give up there life because they won't see good future if themselves but some of are very Claver smart n aware of everything about this industry n this struggling Actors have never give up confidence have with them ... According to me there is only one way to success is your self confidence ... So I would request you all to plz dont give up so easily don't be depressed because rejection is a part of life .this is not all about acting field ... Every field have there own hustle ... So I m going to end this saying   Keep focus keep concentrate n bee happy in your life n you will rule the world .... 


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