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Loveble South Indian Restaurants in Mumbai

Loveble South Indian Restaurants in Mumbai

1) Simbly South -:

This place is knowned as best south breakfast place and foods you will enjoy a plate of gunpowder idli dose, and filter coffee and you get it here. Simbly South,

Address: 1, Rosewood Park Society, Sher-e-Punjab Andheri East
Cost Approx for one -: ₹300 Ruppes

2) South Of Vindhyas -:

In south of vindhyas - the orchid hotel, you will get nice satisfied restaurant experience here you will get to hear music and with Awesome South foods . If you are kind of spicy food eating person then its Awesome place to be , you will fully enjoy the waybof serve one delicious preparation after another the people choise restaurant,

Address -: The Orchid Hotel, 70C, Nehru Road, Vile Parle East
Cost Approx for one :- ₹2000 Rupees

3) Vanakkam Cafe  :-

Vanakkam cafe is special know as south Indian cuisine, here most loveble dishes are masala dose, Benne dosa, idli medu vada, and upma. You can also get launch menu overther get you alot of dishes varie…

Lifestyle of corporate job people in mumbai

          Corporate peoples lifestyle

Lets start with dreams goals n targets whuch everybody dreams. n want to be a good wealthy  life like cars big size house and lots of money to live life like a king size As same as  like a normal person also dream about that when they were in school times and after college they plan each and everything about the future and life goes on as always go time n after knowing the reality of working n the hustle in life they use to breakdown themselves some of are strong enough to deal with this competitive world so guys now I m.going to share real life  story of a corporate person his name is Raj rajput he works in It company as a developer. Here whatever I am saying to you right now which I used to experience in my life till now I used to stay in a PG when I was started my career so almost I was being with a lot of peoples in paying guest who are into corporate jobs and I see what the bad things they suffer in their life what is good times  what is bad times n about how satisfied they are. but  most of all are not satisfied they just  accepted there situation what they are doing they don't like there works but they Adjected s anyhow so now here  is a person his name is Raj Rajput he was with me lives in one room it a  sharing room  he works in IT company and his salary is 26000 in a month his dreams are very big in college times but all he got to know after college . He thinks he is not getting enough money of his work what he deserve but also he knows it will be increased and it will be a good package one day after 5 to 10 years so that' why he is not giving up anythink he always and always work hard to give best what he have to give for his  work bt the main thing is it's a 9 to 5 job according to my friend Raj rajput. the job is very hectic the boss is not good my mind is blast everyday I am not happy because I am working  hard n i m not getting what I meant to be I get 26 thousand only I want at least for that 50 thousand because I have to see my family I have to see myself every month all the money which I earn in a month  I spent here  only as I told you before Mumbai is very expensive city . So Raj rajput  say me all of this every single thinks about the job going peoples suffer  he said me about how he spent money in lifestyle he told me about how we peoples have to think alot to buy something we people have to think alot to eat something from any of good restaurant .but also he said me that if I work hard as same. As like now for 5 to 6 year my salary could be increased n atleast tat time may be I ll fullfil of my all dreams of living good life style .

According to me Raj rajput atleast paid 26 thousand in a month tats quit good for servive atleast .just think about thous job going peoples who work hard n earn only 10 to 15 thousand in a month how was there lifestyle would be all I got to know is we should have to happy what we have but in second thought we should also think about best for over life ... because this is over one life so we can't Adject for lifetime we have to work hard n get better best good life for over family . 
Every job going person have there own storys n difficult s in there life ...

Everybody have there own story n life experience but here it's his peronal raj rajput experience I had share with you guys so plz dont take it in a negetive way of my words so  whatever I convey here is true based experience .


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