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Mumbai lockdown

Mumbai lockdown experience s 

I m here to tell you about my experience s in this lockdown virus period. It was really very much difficult as it looks like in tv all around in world. I belongs to gud family and even independent person in my life.
Story is All About 3 months lockdown in Mumbai.
March 18 2020,  it's all started . First trail lockdown from government To checkout viruses situation and number of covid positive cases in india. It's just  started hustle for everyone.
nobody knew abt upcoming days how hard it gonna be .
We saw news 22 March 2020 All India  lockdown for 1 month .
It was beginning for unemployment
Hustle for poor people's.
I don't know about others state s n city's. how hard it would be, but I can share about Mumbai situation s
Here First week of lockdown period.
I was prefer myself to stay at home all week due to high danger zone outside.
But at the end of the week I have to go out to get grocery for home. I still remember that goosebum…

Clubs n night lifestyle of mumbai

Clubs and night lifestyle of mumbai 

Mumbai is very famous for night life in india peoples overhere are very much interested in going out for walks having food in Street sides .biking with friends night out clubbing pub's etc etc. . In mumbai most of 90 % peoples are came from out side for work n the 10 % of local population are mumbaikars . Peoples from outside of mumbai had given name to local as an  mumbaikars.

Compare to other peoples who came  from other cities into Mumbaikars are more  passionat ambitious towards clubbing n party's every Saturday night for them to go clubbing the only thing they think about too Enjoy get peace them self  is to go club I want to say one thing about Mumbai.

night life is the best time you ever feel in mumbai. N outers  people who have habits  to sleep early n wake up early at the morning in their city's are get automatically changed their schedule  as per the situation when they started lives in mumbai like if they don't have work tomorrow they will sleep late night  and if they have work tomorrow they have to sleep early at night when it comes to live in Mumbai  it's like a vampire night for everyone feeded  in blood every mumbai peoples have in their blood like  everybody does Accept that each and every ones  professional peoples if you go to ask any local person about nightlife of Mumbai he or she will answer you the same as like I said you . it's like a common factors you see in there lifestyle you gotta know from locals tat is most of All not sleep in night that much in mumbai.
Not sleeping at night in time this is mostly happening in youth not all the youngster s are same as like I said ..we can't comment on each and every youngsters lifestyles how they live there life bt some of people's do live there life very disciplined. but some of all are very independent love to sleep late night and wake up late morning   enjoying the life so much according to them n that's what the lifestyle of night in Mumbai this is Freedom thinks which little difficult to understand but all you got to know is the  main Common Factor of peoples are they don't use to sleep on time. They mostly go for clubbing n very used to go for a walk in a road sides late night playing games watching videos movies ect.


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