EsselWorld Bird Park, India’s first exotic and interactive Bird Park that houses over 500 birds of over 60 different species, welcomed 2 new baby ostriches! Both Sita and Geeta, as they have been named by the Bird Handlers, are just 3 months old and were brought to the Park about 2 months back post which they were quarantined. However, yesterday was the first day at their new home where they will be living with the other bird families.

“We at EsselWorld Bird Park are delighted to welcome Sita and Geeta. There is a new wave of excitement that we all feel and we can’t wait for the little babies to grow up. Soon, we’ll have all three of them- Sita, Geeta along with Pearl, walk around the Park where visitors will be able to witness the ‘Ostrich Walk’ and enjoy the beautiful sight. We constantly endeavour to make the visitors’ experiences to the park an unforgettable one and this will surely bring in an exceptional opportunity!”, said Paresh Mishra, President Business Development – Entertainment Portfolio, Ashok Goel Family office.

The two little ostriches were brought to the Park and were quarantined immediately until they got accustomed to the surrounding and they also got adjusted with their new and regular diet. Once the bird handlers realised they had settled in the new environment, they were introduced to the Park, and have been undergoing a daily training program that is meticulously followed to make sure the ostriches are healthy and socially comfortable with the visitors. These trainings are nothing but animal husbandry routine before introducing them to the guests.

While the Park already has an existing female Ostrich called Pearl who is magnificently beautiful and fully grown, and has been around since the time EsselWorld Bird Park was launched. With Sita and Geeta coming in, Pearl will surely have some company and the 3 female birdies will soon be seen chilling together in their aviary!